Do you love your job?*
Are you passionate about what your business does?*
How often do you formally invite feedback on your effectiveness as a leader from your direct reports and peers?*
Do you have high performing leaders helping you to meet the goals of the business?*
Do you have a Business Plan that has been communicated to all employees?*

Does your organisation have Values that drive behaviour and decisions across the organisation?*
Do you have an inspiring Vision for your business that all employees know?*
Do you have a strong two-way internal communications framework so that all employees receive the information they want and need, as well as providing the opportunity for employees to provide feedback?*
How often do you formally invite feedback from staff about their engagement levels and the workplace culture?*
How would you rate the ability of your senior leaders to lead and manage people through major change?*

Do you have a strong employee value proposition that attracts a large number of candidates to job vacancies?*
Do you have a robust selection process to ensure the best person for the job is selected based on cultural fit, including job interviews, psychometric testing, reference checks and other?*
Do you have a position description for all jobs with responsibilities, performance measures and behavioural requirements that align to the organisational Values?*
Do you have a multi-interview approach to selection, including more than one person inputting into the decision of who to select?*
Do you have a comprehensive induction program covering compliance, organisation and job-specific topics for all new employees?*

Do each of your employees have clear and measurable performance goals in place?*
Are employees provided with regular (weekly) and constructive feedback on their job performance and behaviour?*
Do individual performance goals align with business goals?*
Do you have a performance counselling/disciplinary policy and procedure to promptly and appropriately address poor performance and/or conduct issues?*
Do you have a Code of Conduct that all employees have read and agreed to?*

Do you have clear policies and procedures to ensure employees understand their responsibilities, terms and conditions of employment, and the people management practices of the business?*
Do you utilise comprehensive and legally compliant employment contracts that are issued and accepted by new employees prior to commencing work?*
Do you understand and comply with the Fair Work Act and Modern Awards?*
Are pay rate increases linked to job performance and behaviours?*
Do your rewards and recognition motivate employees to go the extra mile?*

Is your organisation free from discrimination, harassment and bullying?*
Do you have an Employee Assistance Program to support psychological health and wellness at work?*
Do you provide flexible work arrangements for your employees to balance their work and family commitments?*
Do you have a work health and safety system that is compliant with legislation and that all employees have been trained in?*
Have you delivered training around the prevention of discrmination, harassment and workplace bullying to all of your employees in the past 12 months?*
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